Massage therapy

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Massage therapy is a very efficient way of relieving pressure and aids the flow of blood in the body at the same time. Magical Transformations recommends it for people suffering from arthritis and those who are under therapy.

At Magical Transformations we are committed to offering a massage therapy experience that is consistently professional, highly therapeutic and deeply relaxing.

Massage Therapy Oakland CADuring our massage therapy the therapist applies light pressure in soothing strokes. Basic relaxation massage increases blood and lymph circulation, reduces stress and toxins, calms the nervous system and can lower blood pressure.

Massage is beneficial to children, adults, elderly, and pregnant women. Whether recovering from an injury, or just to alleviate stress and pressure from the body, discover the benefits of this timeless hands on therapy. Contact my office to discuss your availabilty and we will work together to set up a time that suits your schedule.

Whether you are seeking therapeutic massage related to an injury or you are simply looking to relax you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. As a first time client you will receive a complimentary ‘Needs Assessment’ to determine how you can benefit from my massage therapy treatment.

Enjoy all the benfits of massage therapy with a Magical Transformations – and insure you get the most therapeutic benefit while minimizing the risk of injury.