About me

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My story: I was working at the naval air station (Alameda Ca.) as a wood worker. I was laid off from navel air (NARF section) due to a government RIF. I was unemployed and looking for a job preferably in wood working. I came across a place called “the massage mart” a place that manufactured portable massage tables. I had never built a massage table or even thought of one however It was made of wood I needed a job so I took it. The massage mart was a very interesting place not only did they manufacture and sell massage tables, they also sold every thing in the holistic filed one could imagine.

Magical Transformations

Ahkeem Salaam

They sold books, lotions, potions, Edgar Casey products and the list go’s on, I meet gurus, astrologers, psychic healers, and so on. One day I picked up a book by Wataru Ohashi title “do it your self shiatsu” a pressure point book. Being that I had a martial arts back round I thought this book would teach me more ways to destroy the human body, to my shock and amassment from reading the book I learned the same pressure points to destroy the body was the same to repair the body I was fascinated by this and thus my path in life was forever changed I was now on the healers path. I started my massage career in 1981 I became professionally certified in 1984 and I went back for the extensive program again in 1988.

My personal philosophy is “Heath is the active process of staying healthy, not getting sick to get healthy, only to get sick again”. I firmly believe that through the skillful art of touch, be that massage or just a mothers loving touch, good health and longevity is possible.

My work history YMCA: Oakland 1984 to 1986 Letter of recommendation

West grand medical clinic: 1985 to 1995 (personal injury) Oakland, under Dr. Luis Davis M.D. Letter of recommendation

U.C. Berkeley’s recreational sports facility (optimal health center) 1998 to 2000 Letter of recommendation

Integrated bodywork systems, also known as Magical Transformation: 1999 to present.

What to expect: When coming for the massage you will be directed to the massage area, the curtain is then closed where you will have privacy. Next step is to undress, get onto the massage table under the top sheet, let me know that you are ready I will only open the curtain when you are ready. After the massage please help yourself to a relaxing cup of Tea. As part of the massage experience I have provided a variety of teas for you to choose from.