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Welcome to Magical Transformations

Magical Transformation

Welcome to Magical Transformations

Massage Therapy

Welcome to Magical Transformations

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Welcome to Magical Transformations

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Welcome to Magical Transformations

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Welcome to Magical Transformations

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Welcome to Magical Transformations


Welcome to Magical Transformations

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The science of touch, also called the laying on of hands is the oldest form of healing known to mankind. For example a child hurts him/her self runs to its mother crying mother takes the child, holds the child, rubs the child, tells the child that every thing is ok, the child jumps up runs back out side to play. A person is out side playing Frisbee goes up to make a catch, accidentally rams their thigh into a very hard object. The first reaction is to shout an obscenity simultaneously grabbing the area of pain rubbing profusely until the pain goes away. What happened that was initiated by your rubbing that made the pain go away? When you put that in a scientific format you have massage therapy or the science of touch.

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Magical Transformations

Magical Transformation is a massage and bodywork studio dedicated to servicing your physical needs. My office is private, comfortable, and designed for one on one, you are the star. I use what I call “the master system” (the harmonious integration of Swedish massage, shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage, elements of sensual massage, range of motion, joint mobilization, and neuromuscular Re-education) designed for stress reduction, health maintenance, & physical development. My clientele ranges from stressed out professionals, the physically injured, bad postured students cramming for exams, athletes who want to improve performance, and people who just want to feel good!

Energy: energy in the body is like water in the earth. Water in the earth never leeks out into space and is lost, its either locked up in ice, water vapor (clouds) in the havens, trapped or moving in the bowls of the earth, blocked up in dirty ponds, and so on, however the water is still there. Like the earth the human body’s energy doesn’t leave the body, its just blocked, trapped, stagnated, ect. when this happens the energy is now “negative energy” and has negative effects on the body such as stress, fatigue, tight muscles, a bad day, and so on. When the same energy that was blocked is made free, (through the master system) it is now “positive energy” and has positive effects on the body such as stress reduction, healing of sore tissue, (back and neck) a feeling of weight lifted off ones shoulder and so on.

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